Kylie Jenner’s Baby Girl Is Apparently Named Butterfly (Or Posie K)

Less than 24 hours back Kylie Jenner surprised the world with the birth of her baby girl with rapper Travis Scott. Unlike her Kardashian sisters, especially Kourtney and Kim, Kylie shunned the public life for a stress free and calmer environment throughout her maternity journey.

The LipKit mogul shared the news of her baby’s arrival on Instagram through a post, and later posted a video of her journey of the last nine months – which is heartwarming, I’d say. Though Kylie hasn’t revealed the newborn’s name, some of her fans (and extremely detective-minded people on the internet, including me) have already stressed our brains and come to the conclusion that the baby might just be called:


What made us think so, you might be wondering. Well, well, there have been hints and hints. Lots of them.

The hints began when in June last year she posted the below photo:

Now if you look behind Kylie on the left side you’ll notice a drawing of a butterfly, a girl and a guy (Kylie and Travis perhaps?). In the caption she writes miss you, probably hinted towards Scott who’s on tour.

Two months later Kylie shared the below photo to mark her 20th birthday – yes, she’s only 20, if you didn’t know – with a butterfly wall behind.

In November she posted another butterfly photo, only this time in colour pink.

Yesterday Jenner, along with the Instagram post announcing the birth of her daughter also posted a 11-minute long video timelining her maternity phase and it does strengthened the name butterfly.

Two minutes into the video we see Kylie celebrating her 20th birthday, wearing a butterfly adorned necklace that she cradles tenderly. Then there are butterflies on the baby’s nursery wall.

Following the announcement of the big news tattoo artist Jon Boy congratulated the couple with a photo revealing their matching tattoos – butterflies again!

Fans are convinced the littlest Jenner is either called Butterfly or a name related to butterfly like Mariposa – remember Kylie just launched her limited edition LipKit called Posie K? and the announcement was made on February one: the same day she gave birth.

Butterfly or Posie, welcome to the world of spotlight and cameras, tabloid stories and more.


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