Hrithik Roshan Defends Himself Against Kangana Ranaut And Calls It A One-Sided Obsession 

He’s the Greek God of Hindi cinema. She’s the quintessential queen. 

Together they could make a thunderous pair – onscreen or offscreen whatever you say. But none of that will ever happen again after their alleged love turned hostile and their messy story came out in the public. 

After Ranaut blasted him in Aap Ki Adalat for not accepting their past relationship that lasted for years and instead calling her mental, the very Kaabil actor has now, for the first time, come out publicly in his defence. The actor gave an interview to Arnab Goswami, telling him how he has been falsely portrayed in the media and how he’s the real victim here. 

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Goswami throws questions at him one after one and the actor tries justifying his silence on the matter and why after all these months he’s finally coming forward and sharing his side of the story- which he calls the truth. Roshan’s story does seem shaky at times but one thing that has left me wondering is: He kept receiving her mails – not one or two but 3,000 of them in just six months (July-December 2014) – most of them sexually explicit in nature and yet he didn’t file a complaint. Why? 

Brow-raising, right? 

According to Hrithik Kangana was conversing with his imposter for the first six months of 2014 and from July 2014 kept sending him mails on his real id. She wrote him over 3,000 emails – some of them explicit and sexual in text. She also sent him photos and videos of herself – again sensual and sexual. Why did he not take the matter seriously? Why was he entertaining it all? 

Kangana claims there was never any imposter but Hrithik himself. He has, of course, denied it. If he’s so traumatised by the whole incident why hasn’t he approached the case legally instead of hiring a private detective and forensic team? 

They have both worked together in two films – which his father, Rakesh Roshan, directed – yet he claims he has never met her one on one. There were tensions in his personal life going on for years – his wife even walked out of their home and lived in a hotel for months – all because of his unfaithfulness. Yet he wants us to believe he never had an extra-marital affair. 

Kangana has even claimed they both got engaged in Paris and he had wanted to marry her post his divorce from wife Sussanne Khan, daughter of veteran actors Sanjay Khan and Zarine Khan and sister of actor Zayed Khan and jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali. He is only acting innocent to maintain his public and personal image, she says. 

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People on internet have already started taking sides. Some are with the actress for single-handedly breaking the myths and bringing out the dark side of the industry. Kangana is getting support for standing up for herself and speaking all the truth – even if that’s too personal. 

Some on the internet are supporting Hrithik – because he’s a superhero! Yes, that’s one of the stupidest reason some of the people are supporting him. He says he tried reaching out to Kangana and her sister Rangoli, who is also her manager, through his manager but couldn’t get any access. His friends and people from the industry warned him not to make it public or pursue it legally as it was a high profile case and could jeopardise his career. According to him even the then Police Commissioner of Mumbai, Mr Javed Ahmad warned him against contacting the sisters and confront them. 

Silly, that is. Isn’t? 

He was harassed, tortured, traumatised for years yet he didn’t take the case seriously. His so-called love story with Ranaut was spreading like fire yet he didn’t react. He waited for it to die down instead of clearing his name. 

He might be right. He might be the real victim here. 

She may have been in a one-sided affair and got very obsessive about the him – But why would Kangana keep writing him mails and messages for months if she wasn’t getting any reply? 

Was she that obsessive? 

She doesn’t seem that mad. A mental state like that would have tampered her professionally but it didn’t. She kept working like a sincere hardworking woman. She never appeared broken in public. 

So what really is the truth: 1) Kangana and Hrithik having a secret relationship which ended on an ugly note – as Kangana claims or 2) Kangana being in a one-sided love and imagining having a relationship with Hrithik and writing him mails after mails as an obsessive lover – as Hrithik says? 

Now that Hrithik has opened up about the matter publicly and exposed her suggestive mails (which Arnab Goswami read in the interview) all eyes are now on Ranaut. She’s taking her time to respond to these allegations – will she expose something bigger? Or will she quit the industry – something she’s said in recent months – and move back to her hometown Manali? 

It’s yet to be seen what new chapter this story will unfold. 


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