Sunny Deol And Dimple Kapadia’s Secret Love Story

After Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan’s photos went viral on the internet giving fire to their secret romance stories, another Bollywood pair has faced the same fate. 

Dimple Kapadia and Sunny Deol, two of the most popular actors of their generation, became the target of trolls and bullies after their photos and a video from London – holding hands  – went viral online. Dimple can be seen smoking in the video while still holding hand with the actor. 

See the video here: 

While Ranbir-Mahira episode could be blamed on their youth and surging hormones, the Dimple-Sunny story is filled with much more age and their settled life. Kapadia is the mother of former actresses Twinkle and Rinke Khanna from her marriage to late actor Rajesh Khanna. Twinkle is married to actor Akshay Kumar, runs her own interior design business, and is an acclaimed writer. 

Sunny Deol, on the other hand, has two grown up sons – Karan and Rajveer – with wife Pooja. The actor has a family image in the public and also keeps it away from the media glare. His oldest son, Karan, is working on his debut film which will release next year. 

Dimple Kapadia, who made her acting debut in 1973 with the film Bobby opposite Rishi Kapoor at just 16, has always lived an unconventional life. 

Eight months before her debut the actress married Rajesh Khanna, one of the most popular actors of his time. He was 31 and already a superstar while she was a mere 15-year-old teenager trying to break into the industry. Upon marriage Kapadia killed her teenage dreams, produced two daughters with Khanna and became a typical housewife until 1982 when she left him for his alcoholism and wandering eye. 

It is then that she met and fell in love with Sunny Deol, her costar of many films. Their first film was Manzil Manzil (1984). Interestingly she also played his father Dharmendra’s lover in a few films. Sunny and Dimple were so much in love that her daughters used to call him ‘chhote papa’. Unfortunately (and fortunately for them) there was no online media then and hence no solid proof of their relationship. 

The couple, allegedly, carried on their affair behind his wife’s back for years, and Sunny even launched her daughter Twinkle in Barsaat opposite Bobby, his younger brother. In 2009 when her costume designer sister passed away Sunny was by her side giving strength. And now with this viral video out it has led to assumptions that they’re still a couple in the closet. They go on secret vacations, live like a couple abroad and pretend to be just good friends in the public. They don’t want to spoil their and their families’ image. 

While we may never know the real story of their alleged love story we can only sympathise with their respective families that is going through a tough disgraceful time reading, hearing, and getting asked insensitive stories. Let’s not troll Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar for being Dimple’s daughter and son-in-law. Let’s not bring the Deols and the late Rajesh Khanna into this. Kapadia and Deol, both 60, might just be close friends who understand and support each other through thick and thin. Why add fire into the dead ashes? Let them live. 


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