Kim Kardashian Confirms Surrogacy Rumours 

At last, finally, Kim Kardashian has confirmed she’s having baby number three. 

Rumour mills have been speculating for weeks that the reality star, 36, and rapper Kanye West, 40, are expecting their third child via surrogacy after Kim was diagnosed with placenta accreta. 

The surrogate woman is an African-American, rumoured to be in her late twenties, is married and has two kids. She has reportedly been a surrogate before and has been seen in a promotional video for the process with her family. She’s getting $45,000 for carrying the next Kardashian-West gem in her body for nine months. The surrogate has been advised to stay away from alcohol, drugs, smoking and anything that could be unhealthy for the baby, including dying her hair. 

Kim and Kanye have two children: daughter North, 4, and son Saint, 19 months. The next mini Kimye is expected to arrive in January. 


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