Niall Horan: From One Direction To A Solo Career 

I have loved this guy since he had a distorted smile and blonde hair. 

Since he was a teenager and so was I. 

Since he was singing in a boy band and I was listening to those songs on repeat. 

And it’s been six years since then and my love for him hasn’t died. 

Niall Horan, who shot to fame at age 17 after being made a member of One Direction along with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, has found incredible fame and millions of well-wishing followers, especially preteens and teen girls who crush on him for his simple personality and grounded nature. 

After the boyband took a hiatus in 2015 for undisclosed time, the 24-year-old signed a solo deal with Capitol Records and released his first solo single “This Town” in September 2016, which quickly became a favourite among his listeners. The Irish singer is currently on his first solo world tour to promote and play his solo album. 

Its good to see a guy who once thronged behind his other group members and played a supporting role in One Direction is now leading his own troop and making his individual identity. This guy has come a long way, and while many argue that Zayn and Harry are the frontrunners musically Horan still wins with his clean personality and soft soothing voice. Millions of cash and a high-status hasn’t derailed him (yet!) and he still comes across as the same guy I once blushed seeing in interviews – so did you, don’t you? – and sang along with the songs on repeat for days. 


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