Mahira Khan Gets Trolled For Wearing Short Dress And Smoking 

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan were pictured in NYC spending some quality time. Someone clicked their photos, sold them to the media and now the photos have gone viral on social media. Are they dating? Everyone is asking. 

While most people are concerned about their romantic relationship Pakistanis have been trolling the actress for wearing short dress and smoking. Khan, 32, has a wholesome image in the media and has mostly played ideal roles in Pakistani cinema. She is also one of the most popular actresses in her country. 

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In the photos Khan, who has an eight-year-old son with her ex-husband Ali Askari, is seen wearing a backless white summer dress that falls just above her knees. Nothing too indecent, you’d say, but the conservative Pakistanis have gone full-on criticising the actress, calling her names, and slut shaming her on social media. 

These are those photos that have caused all the thunder. 

Does she look indecent? Nopes, she looks adorably cute. As a woman of modern progressive world she has all the rights to live her life the way she wants to. She’s single, independent, and earns her own money and it should be nobody’s business what she wears, who she dates, basically everything she does in her personal life. 

The online haters and bullies must learn to respect a person’s choices and leave them some privacy. Clicking someone without their consent and then shaming them publicly online isn’t humane. Yes, Mahira is a Pakistani and a Muslim, but isn’t she a human being first? She has all the rights on her life. Please leave her alone if you have no kind things to say. 


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