Taapsee Pannu Gets Trolled For Wearing A Bikini

The world is progressing, technology is reaching new heights, but some stupid people are still stuck in their regressive mindsets, and believe me there’s no dearth of them. They’re so widely spread over social media that as soon as somebody posts a picture of themselves there would be dozens of hate comments.

Actress Taapsee Pannu became the latest celebrity to be trolled on social media for wearing a bikini. And no, it’s not a sexy, hot, string-type one, it actually covers her modesty well. Yet some perverts were quick to bash the actress for damaging her wholesome image for showing her skin. 

Here’s the photo Taapsee posted: 

Is that vulgar? Inappropriate? 


Does she look good in it? YES! 


Each person, man or woman, has the right upon their lives, and should be allowed to live according to their wishes. What one wears and eats should be no one else’s concern. Let people live happily, you fools. 

The said photo is from one of the scenes from her upcoming film, Judwaa 2, in which she stars opposite Varun Dhawan. Judwaa 2 is the remake of the 1997 film Judwaa that starred Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor and Rambha. Apart from Varun and Taapsee Jacqueline Fernandez too stars in the remake. 


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