Kangana Ranaut Reveals She Indeed Had An Affair With Hrithik Roshan 

Not ready to take all the blame on herself Kangana Ranaut has bravely revealed she and actor Hrithik Roshan indeed had a secret affair behind his then wife’s back. 

It should be rewinded that Hrithik Roshan sent the actress a legal notice early last year for speaking about a certain ‘silly ex’. Though Kangana never mentioned the name Hrithik blasted her for damaging his wholesome image. Roshan, 44, went on to say that he never had any relationship with her and instead she had a virtual affair with his imposter, with whom she shared hundreds of emails, and he came to know of it at Karan Johar’s birthday party in 2013 when Kangana thanked him for congratulating her on the success of Queen

After keeping quiet for an year the actress has now talked at length about the ordeal she went through because of Roshan. In her Aap Ki Adalat interview with Rajat Sharma, she claims the first sparks of affair flew during the making of Kites, a 2010-released film, produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik’s father. At that time Hrithik was linked with the film’s lead actress Barbara Mori. His marriage was shaken because of his infidelity rumours and his (then) wife, interior designer Sussanne Khan, had moved out of their marital home to a hotel. 

Hrithik and Sussanne, however, squashed all rumours of a rift and got back together portraying a happy picture. 

Kangana, however, claims not all was smooth between Hrithik and Sussanne, and he persuaded her for an extra marital affair. He chased her for six months to sign his next film, Krrish 3, and from there started their closeted romance. 

They’d meet abroad, write emails and letters, and pretend to be just colleagues to the world. 

And they would have remained so if Roshan hadn’t reacted to Kangana’s silly ex comment. 

Ranaut has claimed early last year that maybe a certain silly ex didn’t want her to be a part of a big movie. Roshan took that silly ex to be him and tweeted he’d rather date the Pope than her. 

If there was nothing between them it shouldn’t have bothered him. But it did. Out of all the men out there Hrithik felt the need to clarify they’d a relationship. Why? Why would you go on ranting when you’ve absolutely no relationship with a woman? 

In this Kangana-Hrithik battle Kangana has emerged as a winner and warrior. She has firmly stood on the ground with her honesty and faced the stains of the society and yet come out unstained. She accepts she was the other woman in a married man’s life but the mistake is not only hers, his too. 

Hrithik, on the other hand, comes out of this saga as a coward, faulty man who brained all to keep his pleasures alive yet closeted but in the long run lost all. His wife divorced him because of his infidelity (according to some sections of the media), his films churned at the box office, and he lost his fandom and wholesome family-man image. 


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