Emily Ratajkowski: Anorexic? 

There’s no gain without pain and this saying fits well in the glamour industry. To be on top, successful, and be relevant for years one needs to stay fit, beautiful, and young all time. 

Actresses are often accused of going under the knife to stay relevant and get work while models starve themselves of a proper meal for days to get scouted by a designer for their next fashion show. Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is one famous example of sacrifice and gain. 

Emily came into prominence after she appeared in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines in 2013, which became the number one song in several countries. She has since acted in films like Gone Girl (2014) and We Are Your Friends (2016). But more than her acting skills the 26-year-old is known for her sexy body, which is often criticised for being too thin and anorexic. 

Ratajkowski’s recent Instagram boomerang drew irk from followers, who accused the actress for being too thin. Some even begged her to eat. 

Here’s the photo I’m talking about. 

Doesn’t Emily appear too thin? Anorexic? 

Can’t decide? Here is another photo of this skinny diva. 

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Labor Day starts early

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

Though the actress has time and again insisted she eats properly and doesn’t starve herself, she has been under constant criticism due to her skinny figure. 

It’s pathetic to see what the industry and the dream of being successful makes one do. We see teenage girls on the ramp wearing sheer dresses with their bodies on full display all in the name of art and creativity. Some of these girls are scouted by agents at 14 or 15 and put on a strenuous routine. 

It would have been wonderful if known faces like Miss Ratajkowski had defied the weight rules of the industry and led a new march for healthy bodies. That would have been inspiring not these skeleton-thin photos of her body. 


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