Kangana Ranaut Blasts Aditya Pancholi For Exploiting Her In Her Teen Years 

Kangana Ranaut isn’t just an actress who does her work, compromises on ethics, keeps her mouth shut to wrongdoings, and paints a happy picture of herself, and the entertainment industry. She is brutally honest about her struggles, her tough times in the industry, and is even candid about how certain men exploited her naive soul. 

In her recent interview with Rajat Sharma on his Aap Ki Adalat show, the 30-year-old actress bared her soul and let it all out, even if it was controversial and too personal. 

Kangana shed light on her initial years in the industry and her controversial affair with actor Aditya Pancholi. As per reports, Pancholi, 52, spotted a then 15-year-old teenager Kangana on the Mumbai streets and struck a conversation with her. He agreed to help her when she told him she was an aspiring actress. For years the teenage girl became Pancholi’s sugar girl, often going out with him to parties and dinners. Pancholi, 22 years senior to her, was just like a father to her, she thought. But does that happen in a world filled with glamour, lust and affairs? 

According to Kangana, Pancholi abused her physically, emotionally and mentally, and even even put her on a house arrest and tracked her down when she escaped. Pancholi’s wife, actress Zarina Wahab, too didn’t help her and instead said she was happy he wasn’t home because he beat his kids too. Left with no choice Kangana filed a FIR against him but even then Pancholi kept spreading stories about her and extorted money from her. 

It’s been years since the Kangana-Aditya episode happened and now it’s all unfolding in public domain. While Pancholi has denied the allegations and threatens to sue the Queen actress his wife too has stood with her husband. Zarina Wahab, 58, denies Kangana’s claims that she called the latter ‘daughter like’ and ever had any interaction with her. On the other hand, Kangana’s sister Rangoli claims Wahab used to take Kangana to meet filmmakers (one of them being notable director Sanjay Leela Bhansali), gave her diamonds, and frequently sent her biryani. 

Kangana’s fearless revelations are a window to Bollywood’s dirty world that unravels behind closed doors. Cheating on partners and open marriages are a few dirty secrets of the glamour world. Aditya Pancholi has had a reputation of a womaniser for decades. Hrithik Roshan carried on extra-marital affair with Ranaut behind his wife’s back. The reason behind Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani’s divorce too was sited infidelity. 

The glamour world that seems all rich and diamonds is plastered with dirty truths, that closet themselves behind rooms. It seems like a dreamworld to outsiders, but inside its crimes are too embarrassing to talk about. Kangana Ranaut must be lauded for her brave expose of the industry and also for sharing her private details of her life rather than people directing hate messages at her. She’s a symbol of a great achievement despite all odds. Her honest depiction of her struggling days and how a man her father’s age took advantage of her innocence is a reminder to strugglers that such things happen in the mayanagri but they should remain strong and fight for their dignity. Kangana should be praised for having guts in a man’s world and for being her own guard.

It’s commendable how this small town girl from a hill station has achieved so much and surpassed her contemporaries. She hasn’t worked with big names in the industry but still carries a long list of successful films in her resume. She has carried films on her shoulders, given her blood and sweat to her characters, and won three National Awards, stomping all the Khans and Kapoors of the industry. From being the unloved and discriminated girl child to her parents she has come a long way. She has carved her own success and made her own identity, and for that, Kangana I salute you. You’re the true Queen of the generation. 


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