Aditya Pancholi Goes On Defending Himself Post Kangana Ranaut’s Confessions

After all that Kangana Ranaut spilled on Aap Ki Adalat certain men in the industry are having sleepless nights. One of them is Aditya Pancholi, who is on a badmouthing spree ever since. 

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Pancholi, 53, is trying too hard to make people believe he didn’t exploit the actress when she was struggling in the industry nor did he ever grow too violent on her. The out of work actor has also posted a photo of his Aadhaar card to reveal his real age and has asked Kangana to show her father’s age too. 

Ranaut, 30, has talked about a certain man, of her father’s age, who abused her physically, emotionally and mentally during her initial career days. At 53, Pancholi, 23 years her senior, isn’t ready to accept he is her father’s age. 

He himself has a 30-year-old daughter, Sana, and a 27-year-old son, actor Sooraj Pancholi, with actress Zarina Wahab, his wife of over three decades. Pancholi, who himself married young and had two kids before 27, believes Kangana’s father, a normal zamindar from Manali, is much older than him. 

But what’s the need for all of this? Isn’t Sana Kangana’s age? Isn’t Sooraj just three years younger to Kangana? 

Aren’t you, Mr Pancholi, old enough to be Kangana’s father? But no, you lusted on a teenager who was all alone in an unknown land. You preyed on her, tracked her down whenever she tried escaping and house arrested her so that she’d be yours only. You neglected your own family for the sake of your pleasure. Your own children couldn’t make their careers and instead fell in bad traps while you were wailing your time with girls half your age and now that your dirty truths are out in the open you are again threatening to sue her (Kangana) and calling her dramebaaz! Shame on you.

For all the dirty games you’ve played with little innocent girls, you’re going to pay back. Your dignity is already gone. Why don’t you just accept all the things that Ranaut has said? 

You won’t, I know because you live in two worlds – one that’s all fun, lust and glamorous and the other being the real society. You want to live a high life but want acceptance and respect in the society. Hence you’re on a destroy-Kangana Ranaut-mode. 

So what if Ranaut is 31 and not 30. Does that make her too old? She is still two decades your junior! 

Mr Pancholi, Your ego is hurt because the girl you once exploited is now a successful actress and an inspiration to the masses. She earns a fat paycheque, runs films on her shoulders while you get small roles in your friends’ films. You can’t digest the fact that the little innocent girl you put on house arrest is no more scared of you and is sharing her bad experiences with you. The so-called respect you and your family has earned is shattered by all your karma. Stop blaming Kangana for this. This had to happen. 

The public stands with her. #TeamKangana

You rock Kangana. 

As for you, Aditya Pancholi, hate you. The time to pay back is here. 


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