People Are Calling Taylor Swift Slytherin Heir

Taylor Swift just dropped her first single in three years called Look What You Made Me Do and its a far cry from her otherwise subtle mean and bashing songs. It’s more upfront and the meanest song TS has written so far. 

No, I don’t like you, Swift sings in the song – a direct ‘I-hate-you’ to all those who has wronged her. 

Until now the Grammy-award winner laid down subtle hints in her each song about how an ex betrayed her or how a relationship died too young because of his wandering eye. This time there’s no smoothness in the song. There’s graveyard and zombies, cries and jabs. 

Swift has attacked several celebrities and her famous enemies in Look What You Made Me Do. The Shake It Off singer attacks Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian in the song. Last year Kanye called her a b***h he made famous and talked of a possible make out with her in his controversial song Famous, before saying Taylor knew the lyrics, which she firmly denied. At the Grammys last year Swift gave a powerful speech targeting West. Few months later his wife released audio clips of a phone call between Kanye and the popstar, in which Taylor is heard giving a go on the song and tells him to do whatever he likes. Kim started the snake emoji for Tay and soon Swift’s comment box flooded with the emoji. In Look What You Made Me Do video a snake serves Taylor tea – showing how she’s made it her slave. 

Throughout the song Taylor disses Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, David Mueller (who groped her during a meet and greet in 2013), and the media. In pretty much every line of the song Taylor disses her enemies (or frenemies?), mocks the media for all the hurtful articles they’d written about her and eats her own old good self and reinvents a vengeful new image. 

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This Taylor is nothing like the old one. She is thirsty for revenge and she has already started the battle. She has bestfriended the snakes and they’re slaving for her. And this has made the online world call Swift the Slytherin heir – remember Slytherin was full of arrogant and mean members? Lord Voldemort was its famous student, and the biggest evil in the magical history. Draco Malfoy was Harry Potter’s biggest bully in Hogwarts, and many people believe Taylor Swift, the former good girl of the musical world and a perfect role model for young kids, has carved a dark image and turned into a Slytherin and possibly its heir. She has befriended its symbol, a snake, and possessed dark powers to combat her enemies. 

We only need JK Rowling to stamp this theory and then the fan fiction can continue to enthrall all. In the meantime we can all enjoy Look What You Made Me Do and dissect its deeper meaning. 


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