Sonam Kapoor Launches Her Fashion Brand Rheson 

Sonam Kapoor is more than just a pretty actress on screen. She is candid, witty, and brutally honest in her interviews (something she has toned down a bit in the last few years). Unlike other actresses who go out of our minds as soon as we exit the theatres, Kapoor’s persona stays with us for days (and sometimes for weeks) – not because she has exemplary acting skills but because she has a great fashion sense. Kapoor’s fashion looks stays on, starting new trends and flavour in the fashion game. 

Since her debut film in 2007, Sonam, now almost 32, has carved a special place in our hearts for her beautiful dresses, quirky sari styles, and chunky accessories. The actress stays in news all throughout the year, appearing on fashion columns and the Yay or Nay segments. She’s single-handedly made fashion a regular thing, and opened jobs for fashion reporters and gossipers. 

Now, Sonam and her younger sister, Rhea, have launched their own fashion brand, something they had been working on since the past few years. Rheson, an amalgam of their names (and personalities, as they both say), is pretty interesting with cool designs, and is an odd to our childhood. 

Check Rheson’s super cute collection: 

Sharpners, pencils, and erasers – we all grew up with them. Now it’s time to wear them. 

The Kapoor sisters attended the inaugural in their favourite Rheson collection. 

And oh, they’ve amazing bag collection as well! 

Rheson is available at select Shoppers Stop stores. You can also shop from the Shoppers Stop website. 


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