Gigi Hadid Or Priyanka Chopra: Who Wore It Better? 

The worst thing that could happen to a celebrity on the red carpet is seeing another celebrity wearing the same or almost-same outfit. It’s like all your hours of preparation for the evening, the strict diets and many expensive beauty routines that you’d been taking for weeks have been now washed off – simply because someone had the same taste as you. 

At the Met Gala last weekend model Gigi Hadid and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who is now trying her luck in Hollywood, wore identical outfits. Chopra, 34, wore a Ralph Lauren trench coat gown with an exaggerated train. She complimented the look with black boots and sculptural earrings. 

On the other hand, Gigi wore a Tommy Hilfiger dress, that she paired with black fishnets. The model also pulled an Angelina Jolie pose, making use of her long fishnet-clad leg. 

Their dresses were strikingly similar and the way they carried it, be their posing styles and making their one leg a statement, it was all twinning. 

This was Chopra’s first Met Gala and she instantly became one of the most talked about celebrity of the night. The actress looked fierce and confident in the unusual dress, and the media couldn’t keep gushing about the beauty starlet. 

Gigi, who is the face of Tommy Hilfiger, was in good company at the Gala as her family, siblings Bella and Anwar, and mother Yolanda Hadid also attended the big event. Gigi’s best friend Kendall Jenner was also there. 

Though different in their personalities, Chopra and Hadid seemed to have the same modelling qualities. Their poses were similar – Maybe this is taught in the modelling world? (Priyanka Chopra was the Miss World 2000.) 

So, who was your favourite – Gigi Hadid or Priyanka Chopra? Let me know in the comment box. 


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