Katy Perry: Look At My Post-Breakup Haircut!!! 

What do you do when you suffer a breakup? Probably this: cry for hours, shut yourself in a room, eat unhealthy, drink a tan of liver damaging alcohol, slip into depression, and stuff. 

But not celebrities. 

And certainly not Katy Perry, who recently split up with her man of one year, actor Orlando Bloom. Perry and Bloom, or Ploom, called it quits in February, and Perry isn’t wasting her time crying her eyeliner and mascara, or putting on weight by eating chips and drinking wine. 

Instead she got herself a brand new life (read: appearance). 

Katy has chopped off her hair and gotten a pixie haircut, after being inspired from Scarlett Johansson’s. And how does it look? See this photo! 

Awesome, amazing, and she’s killing it. Katy owns the new look, and her features stand out. 

The new look makes her liberated, and ready for a new life. And those earrings, gosh I want them too. 


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