Katy Perry Killed Us With Her Grammys Red Carpet Dress

Over the years Katy Perry has established herself as one of the finest recording artists. Since 2008 she has been entertaining us with her songs, which range from bubbly and teenage to empowering and feminism. 

On Sunday night she took the Grammys by storm with her new song, Chained To The Rhythm. She slayed it. 

But one thing killed me and her fans and the fashion critics who simply adore her. Her red carpet dress. 

Perry wore a Tom Ford dress that I can’t even explain. 

See this photo: 

From the front, from the back, from the side, this dress is horrible. I don’t know if it’s even a dress. 

And Katy Perry…KATY PERRY wore it to the Grammys!!! 

The world is spiralling down. I mean it. Look at the recent election result. 

The fashion graph of some of the A-list celebs is going down. Nicole Kidman, Kristen Bell, Sarah Jessica Parker..and now Katy Perry. Katy disappointed us. 

BUT here’s something I learnt from Katy Perry last night: She isn’t scared of the fashion monsters. She’s not scared to face the world in an ugly dress. Neither does she care about our stupid opinions. She is living it up…even if it’s in that Tom Ford number. And so should you. 


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