Joy Villa And Her Bizarre Fashion Choices 

Joy Villa’s pro Trump outfit has created an online hate box. The 25-year-old echoed her support to the new POTUS by wearing the below dress, that had Make America Great Again written in the front. 

While most celebrities and Americans and people from all over the world are against his #PresidentGoals, some like Villa are bowing down to him. They are siding with the power and using it to make big news. 

Villa used the Grammys to bring a spotlight on her dull career and become a front page news. And she succeeded in it. Her red carpet dress became a topic to discuss about, she was everywhere: from blogs to columns to magazines. 

But this is not the first time the singer has created a fuss with her fashion choices.  

Her past Grammy outfits too have been a topic of discussion. Last year she wore this to the biggest musical night: 

She wore this bizarre outfit to the Grammys and was the top slot in the worst dressed celebrities in every poll. The naked dress left little for imagination. 

In 2015 she again the recipient of the worst dress award. Joy Villa wore this orange dress to the Grammy Awards 2015. 

This girl has been making bizarre news since she stepped into the industry. And her fashion choices…well, they’re just too bizarre. 


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