Joy Villa Wore A Donald Trump Inspired Dress At The Grammys 

Apart from Adele and Beyoncé somebody else too made a roaring story this Grammy. 

Singer and songwriter Joy Villa – about whom I have never heard about, created an online furore with her choice of red carpet dress. 

The 25-year-old wore a Make America Great Again dress, echoing her support to the new POTUS Donald Trump. 

While the majority of the United States and the world are hating on him and calling him inappropriate to be a country’s leader, there are few like Joy Villa who are on his side. And the singer chose music’s biggest night to get some spotlight. 

It is sad to see a multicultural person like Joy Villa supporting Trump. Joy’s father is Italian-American and her mother is African American, and Choctaw Indian. 

The singer is married to Thorsten Overgaard, who is 51. Maybe he can give her some wise words? 

Despite all the backlash and online hate she received for wearing this dress, she sure earned herself plenty of spotlight and attention. 


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