Taylor Swift – The Innocent Devil

Since her debut album, she has balanced her life on the red carpets of the biggest music award ceremonies and has successfully managed countless number of trophies and awards to her name. Being in India where country music isn’t too popular among the youngsters, I was away from Swift’s beats. Her first album came and went and I had no clue. The first songs of hers that I put my ears to were ‘Love Story’ and ‘You Belong With Me’. I remember I kept listening to them for not days but months. Then I was hooked to ‘Mean’ and by the time ‘Red’ came I was already a big fan. The reason I loved her much was that she didn’t have a celebrity nature. She wasn’t drinking or smoking or partying wildly with the Hollywood baddies. She has been out with five albums and never been to the rehab. Yes, never been there.

She is the idol of millions of people all around the globe – kids, youngsters, parents and old, all alike. She was mine too until too much of her goodness gave me headaches. Over the past two years, I’ve followed Taylor like a crazy fan. I was still a fan of hers when she surprised Gena on her bridal shower or when she sent gift boxes to her favorite Swifties. But since her evolution as the new pop girl, I’ve walked a feet away from her. She is transforming, you see. And how? By wearing clothes she never wore. She has suddenly started showing her tall legs and purposely/unpurposely wandering around New York each day in the shortest of short shorts or skirts. Her regular bitching about her exes and portraying herself as a victim (always) is painful as well. You get dumped by one, then two and all? None of Taylor’s love relationships have lasted for even five months. They come and pass like a tidal wind.

Being an avid celebrity news reader, I know of several celebs who have kept their personal lives pretty intact and behind the paparrazi glare but Taylor hasn’t. It seems like she purposely dog with them to attract media attention; to be present in gossip columns every other day. She goes on dates with almost everyone from Joe Jonas to the goody-good Taylor Lautner to Jake Gyllenhaal to the womaniser John Mayer and the British hearthrob Harry Styles. Taylor loves writing songs about her life which primarily means her love life. In each of her songs, or as I should say, in most, Taylor plays herself the victim of a heartbreak. She innocently and very smartly declare them as troubles and publicly tell them they are never ever getting back together. But I wonder if every guy she meets falls in the same category of giving a girl a heartbreak or making her cry? All too well has probably not surfaced in Taylor’s dictionary so far.


I hate the fact Taylor struts around with her Eiffel Tower-tall girlfriends Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Martha Hunt and Gigi Hadid. While others keep the friend’s day out look simple, Taylor is too tailored. It seems like she’s never ordinary. Her PR machinery and management team is always on their toes. I’m much more a fan of Katy Perry who infamously is behind Taylor’s Bad Blood song. Katy Perry is fun, sexy, naughty, and mostly real. She plays according to her moods not like Taylor who’s always tailor-made.

Taylor at the VMAs in 2014.Taylor at the VMAs 2014

In her country music career Taylor Swift never wore anything too revealing or short nor did she do any sexy shoots but for her popsy career, she is trying her hands at all. Her new image is praised and seen as her transition as a young celebrated woman but will she be the same person or instead adopt the tactics of fame and business for her further albums/careers? Will she wear leotards and flesh colored stage clothes for her performances? Only time will tell.

And baby, no, I don’t hate Tay. I just dislike her like I love her. It happens, right? Taylor is too business-ed. Too unreally real. She is too good for a young millionaire. She does her homework well, like she was taught this from an early age. She’s the innocent devil who dated the very private Jake Gyllenhaal and put him to public farm after writing songs about him. She blamed Harry Styles for their breakup and went onto humiliate him publicly with songs and snubs while the sweet One Direction boy kept quiet and still praised her. He could’ve written songs about her or snubbed her in interviews or on the stage but he didn’t. Jake Gyllenhaal never indulged his personal life to the media but Taylor did. She makes fortunes out of her relationships that last shorter than a season. This is one thing in particular that I dislike about Taylor.

Watch out Calvin! Taylor is writing songs about you.
Watch out, Calvin! Taylor is writing songs about you.

She is now romancing Calvin Harris and the match is said to be fixed by Ellie Goulding, their mutual good friend. Harris has famously dated Rita Ora in the past and is said to be a very private home-guy. With their every move and date recorded by the cameras, only time will tell how far their relationship go. Four months? May this one last longer and it’s no wonder Taylor would be writing songs about the DJ himself now that she’s travelling much and spending time in her plane.


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