Sarah Jessica Parker At The Golden Globes 2017: Yay Or Nay? 

She played Carrie Bradshaw. 

She is still known as the fashion forward Carrie Bradshaw. 

But actress Sarah Jessica Parker was far cry from her stylish onscreen character at the Golden Globes. The actress chose a white Vera Wang Collection dress for one of the biggest award nights in Hollywood and this is how she looked: 

So not red carpet, right? 

Those sleeves, waistband, and that hairstyle look so old and trashy. And you can see her wrinkles and aged face if you zoom in the photo. And she’s only 51! 

And 50+ in Hollywood is like 30+ in real world. These women have all the expensive products in their vanity, and so much money to spend at spas and salons. And they don’t need to worry if the price of vegetables shoots up. 

SJP is going granny-looking faster than most of her contemporaries. Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts are still beautiful and fresh, and they nail it when it comes to fashion. 

[Okay… not always!] 

The Sex & The City star needs to upgrade her fashion style to match her onscreen Carrie Bradshaw character. 


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