Lola Kirke Showed Off Her Armpit Hairs At The Golden Globes 

In a world full of photoshopped photos, thigh gap and insane stick-thin body image promotion, it is always inspiring to see a known face promoting the real body. 

And actress Lola Kirke just did that. The actress attended the Golden Globes with her armpit hairs. 

Before the red carpet hit off Lola posted a video of herself in her underwears dancing and showing off her armpit hairs. But nobody would have then thought she would actually sport them in front of countless number of cameras. 

But she did, and later posted this photo on her Instagram page: 

That’s badass. 

Thank you Lola for inspiring girls, women and everyone to live their lives according to their wishes and not paying heed to the societal norms. Thank you for showing us all that having hairs here and there isn’t a taboo but a normal thing. 

It’s not an imperfection or something to be ashamed of. Thank you Lola Kirke for being the badass chick that you are. 


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