Ariana Grande Will Not Tolerate Being Objectified; Neither Should You

There are a million reasons I could give if you ask me why I love Ariana Grande. The little girl who sings pitch-perfect – even while dancing, mimics Britney Spears like she’s actually Britney Spears, spread love on social media, and love her fans to death – that’s Grande, beautifully brought up, and entertaining the crowds for years now. 

In only a few years of her singing career- she started in 2013 – she has made her mark. She is nominated for the upcoming Grammys alongside bigger names, and is considered one of the best singing voices of the generation. But one role Ariana excels at is: being a real role model. 

Sure, there are ample role models out there – impressing us with their professional credits and charity-giving ways, but only some inspire us in the truest sense. On Tuesday, Grande wrote a lengthy note on Twitter: 

Grande made it clear she’s not a flesh of meat for men to come and enjoy, and she will also not tolerate people objectifying her. She’s not an object but a QUEEN. 

Well said, Ariana. Well said. 

Fame and money doesn’t come with safety and goody-good world. Celebrities- they too get objectified, stare looks, cheap comments, and inappropriate touches – just like any of us. But only a few of these known faces speak up so bravely and fiercely. By sharing this, Grande proved she’s the role model young girls really need in their lives. 

So girls, next time something like this happens to you, don’t just shake it off. Rather shake that bastard’s world upside down. 


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