It Shouldn’t Matter To Anyone What Saifeena Named Their Child

The online world can be a sick place at times. Unknown people interfering in your life, criticising you for things that aren’t related to them in any sense, and giving you opinions on everything. 

This is what it’s happening with Bollywood couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan who just welcomed their first child into the world. The couple’s first child was born on December 20, and though the congratulatory messages and wishes poured in from across the country it suddenly turned into criticism and negativity after the couple revealed the child’s name. 

The baby Nawab is christened Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. Now that’s a very different name, something we don’t hear regularly. 

[And I was thinking, all these months, Kareena would give her baby a very unique but glamorous name.] 

But not everyone is happy with this name. Especially people on the internet who are best at digging their nose in another’s life and starting stupid (and many times insensitive) hashtags and discussion forums. They say the name ‘Taimur’ has connections with Pakistan – one of Pakistan’s missiles is named Taimur – and hence the name isn’t right for the baby. 

Some did more research. 

Taimur is derived from Timur. Timur was a Turco-Mongol conqueror and the founder of the Timurid Empire in Persia and Central Asia. Scholars estimate that his military campaigns killed over 17 million people. Timur invaded India and ruined the capital city, Delhi. 

So according to many, Saifeena shouldn’t name their son Taimur. Writer Taher Fateh has slammed the couple for their choice of name and called them illiterate. 

Kareena’s uncle and actor Rishi Kapoor hit back at the trolls and asked them to mind their own business. It’s sad to see how the same people who were until two days applauding Kareena Kapoor for setting an example for pregnant women and hailing her as hero are now instead of sending wishes and blessings hurling their own verdicts at the couple. Can’t you guys leave the family alone? 

Did they ask for your advice? No. Did anyone – out of nowhere – called you a lunatic when you named your child? Did somebody trolled you nationally because your or your family members’ name sounds Islamic? No, right? So why can’t everybody just shut up and go on with their lives and let the couple have their moment? 

Learn to live and let live, people. And most importantly – mind your business. 

[And dear Santa, if you are listening, kindly give the heartless and opinionated ones some brains and humility. PLEASE.] 


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