The Battle Of Two Humma Humma Songs – Which One Is Better? 

Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor’s upcoming film – Ok Jaanu – is already creating buzz. But not all buzz is good buzz. 

Firstly, the film is a remake of Tamil film O Kandhal Kanmani. Instead of taking inspiration from it and weaving it in a new way Ok Jaanu is a total copy of the Tamil hit. Secondly, the Humma Humma song – remake of the old hit – is pale and boring.  Unlike the older version that was dance number-y and worth listening many times on repeat this one is drawing in a lot of criticism from the audiences as well as veteran musicians and actors. 

The original Humma Humma singer, Remo has expressed his displeasure while Manisha Koirala, who starred in the classic hit Bombay (that featured this song) is keen to see if the revised version of the song is good or not. 

The trend of bringing in rappers like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Badshah and Raftaar is getting too much. Many a times, instead of making a song better they completely ruin it. Like in the new Humma Humma the rapping part was totally unnecessary. 

Below are the two versions of the song. 

This is the newer one starring Shraddha and Aditya. The only thing that makes me  see the video is the pair’s chemistry.

And here’s the older version, that was done in 1995. 

It is peppy, with a good pinch of punk and beats. 

Which one did you like better? Write in the comment box below. 


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