Blac Chyna: Exposed! 

Drama runs in the Kardashian family. And they aren’t shy to show it all publicly. 

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship has been a hoax from the start. They secretly began dating in January this year, against the wishes of his family.

[The K family hates Chyna because a) she is Tyga’s former ex, and the two share a son together – and now Kylie is dating Tyga -so it’s awkward, b) her best friend is Amber Rose – who happens to be Kanye West’s ex and Kim Kardashian’s enemy, c) she does the same thing as the Kardashians – post photos of herself (read: her body) to earn money, sell lashes, and is basically a fame hooker.] 

Within two months Chyna got pregnant and their relationship became a live entertainment. The Kardashian women hate Blac Chyna…they want Rob to dump her….Chyna is using Rob…Blac Chyna is pregnant with a Kardashian baby….The Kardashian family demands a paternity test…Kylie and Chyna are the new-good-friends…Rob-Chyna welcome a baby her Dream…and so on. 

The drama reached its peak last week when Chyna’s social media account was hacked and several of her DMs were leaked online.  

Like this one. 

Chyna makes it clear: a) she never loved Tyga, b) she’s a gold digger, she cares more the money, c) she has an alcohol addiction and, d) he opened up a lot of business options for her. 

A conversation of her with her lawyer was also leaked – and it further proves she is a GOLD DIGGER. And getting up and close with Rob Kardashian was a plan. 

Getting the Kardashian surname was/is one of her priorities. And Rob’s stupidity helped her achieve her goals- she launched an emoji line, appeared on several magazine covers, and got her own reality TV show with him. 

Being attached to a Kardashian has opened a lot of money-making opportunities for Chyna, whose real name is Angela White. And getting the Kardashian surname will surely boost her media coverage. 

But according to reports the Kardashian women aren’t too pleased with her and in no way going to let her have their famous surname. They are alleged to have trademarked ‘Kardashian‘ and Chyna will need permission from Kris, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe before going by the name Angela Kardashian. 

But wait…now that all her lies and plans have been exposed will she even be accepted by the family? Will Rob forgive her after all this drama? 

Another leaked conversation shows Chyna calling him lazy, insecure, and fat. 

If he was so this and that, why the heck were you with him, girl? 

Popularity, fame, money, and media coverage was all Blac Chyna wanted. This year her career blossomed, and her wealth rose. What she couldn’t do feuding with Kylie on social media and walking hand-in-hand with Amber Rose – she achieved all now. Her plan worked. 

Rob, like a true douche, expressed his sadness on his social media accounts. 

Chyna has left with our one-month-old daughter…the house is empty…. He wrote like a stupid cry baby. 

But if you think the Rob-Chyna episode is dead…think again. Their TV show has just been renewed for a second season…you think they’d give it up like that? You think Chyna would devoid Dream Kardashian of the Kardashian benefits? Naaah. 

According to her mother and Rob himself, they’re uniting again. Rob is working on becoming the best version of himself, and Chyna is planning another strategy in her head. It’s yet to be seen how well (and how long) their relationship will survive after all this drama. 

And if they would get married on 7.7.17, as she has planned. 


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