Taylor Swift’s Fashion Evolution – from 2006 to 2016 

It’s hard to believe Taylor Swift is only 27. She has been in the industry for a decade: her first song came out in 2006, her second album Fearless made her a known name – Love Story and You Belong With Me were on every girls’ lips – and by 2009 (after that Kanye West episode) the entire America knew of her. 

Despite being in the industry for this long  Swift has been able to successfully grow her career graph. She is one of those few artists who hasn’t faced any lows careerwise and has never bored us with her songs and lyrics. 

On the occasion of her 27th birthday here’s looking back at her fashion evolution- how she evolved from a girl with no clue on the red carpet to a fashion pro. 

This was long ago…in 2006, to be precise, when Taylor hadn’t yet conquered America, was just a newcomer, and didn’t even know how to pose, and wore cowboy boots to pretty much everywhere. 

Another photo from that year – still no clue how to operate. 

An year later and Swift was still obsessed with her boots. 

Taylor turned up as a princess at the 2007 Country Music Awards. In 2007 she also became the youngest winner of the Nashville Songwriters Association’s Songwriter/Artist of the Year. 

In 2008 Taylor finally learnt to dress up and pose. 

At the start of 2009 Taylor was still all girly, all country-styled. 

It was the 2009 MTV VMAs when, overnight, Taylor Swift became known to all of USA – thanks to Kanye West interrupting her acceptance speech, who would later go on ranting how he ‘made that bitch famous’. 

At the 2009 Grammys Swift became the youngest artist to ever win the coveted Album of the Year award for Fearless. 

By the end of 2010 she had begun experimenting with her looks. Here she is donning faux bangs at the AMAs. 

By 2011 Taylor had become a big name. Her fans grew in numbers; and her wealth increased multiple times. 

The same year she had a Marilyn Monroe moment. 

Swift upped her fashion game in 2012. She attended the Grammys in a golden gown. 

The same year she got bangs, began sporting straight hair, and red lipstick became her best friend. 

Swift also began wearing cut-out dresses and was a pro at the red carpet game. 

Taylor’s fourth album – Red – released in late 2012 made her an international icon. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, supposedly about her ex Jake Gyllenhaal, was on every radio station. 

At the 2013 Grammy Awards Taylor wore a white cutout gown winning the best dressed spot. 

During her early years in the business Taylor often said she didn’t want to look sexy and would never wear anything sexy.  But 2013 saw her going the sexy, sassy way. 

A little flesh never killed anybody. Right? 

At the MTV VMAs 2013, Taylor looked all sultry and revenge-seeking ex when she dissed her famous ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. 

The same year Taylor showed up at Country Music Awards in a red gown. Around the same time she bid farewell to country music for a pop career. 

Taylor – at the Grammys 2014 – all sophisticated, yet beautifully dressed. The same year she relocated to New York City to begin a pop career. 

Taylor cut her hair short, began dressing all NYC, and upped her PR game. Seen here at the VMAs – all new. 

 She showed up in a teal dress at the 2015 Grammys. Inspired by Elsa? 

Taylor, flanked by her squad of famous models and singers, promoted her 1989 album. And did I mention? She made PJs red carpet materials. 

At the Billboard Awards 2015 Taylor was rock-chic in a cut-out shimmering jumpsuit. And yes, she publicly declared her love for Calvin Harris. 

In 2016 Swift won two Grammy Awards and threw shade at Kanye West in her acceptance speech. 

Vanity Fair 2016 – Taylor Swift is no more the girl obsessed with cowboy boots. 

From gowns to dresses, suits to cutouts, Swift now only had one thing left to wear: a Catsuit. This dress also led to a lot of debate if she’s had any butt implants. 

In 2016 Swift moved to a more edgier look – she sported platinum hair, and did several sexy photoshoots. 

Met Gala 2016 – is that Taylor Swift? 
From cowboy boots to untamed hair, no-makeup look to smoky eyes, no skin show to cutouts and shorts, long mermaid hair to edgy styles – Taylor Swift has come a long way. She has evolved from a girl with dreams to a woman with everything, and yet remain dignified and grounded. 


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