Taylor Swift And Zayn Malik Dropped A Surprise Single 

Taylor Swift has been kind of keeping it all to herself these days. She’s hardly seen at public events, or giving any new interviews. Ever since the drama around her love life rose higher than ever this year – the singer split with DJ Calvin Harris after a magical fifteen months, within two weeks she was smooching and getting all romantic with actor Tom Hiddleston; Hiddleswift romance was everywhere – in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia, and the very PDA at her celebrity-filled Fourth of July weekend party, and just few weeks into the affair they split up – which gave us theories if it wall all a planned PR stunt – and of course the Kim Kardashian episode – Taylor Swift has been keeping low. 

The singer’s good image was clouded by her failed love life and accusations her relationship with Tom Hiddleston was a PR move. Kim Kardashian damaged her image more when she released footage of Swift approving Kanye West’s Famous song. And then, yes, Calvin Harris too jumped in and accused her of trying to burn him like she burnt Katy Perry

Swift has had a tough year, but that doesn’t mean she’s crying in a corner. The singer-songwriter has been dropping new material – surprisingly and silently – every now and then, and planting her good girl image again into the minds of the audience. While still with Calvin Harris she co-wrote his hit single This Is What You Came For. She wrote another song, Better Man, that was taken by Little Big Town. Earlier this month it was revealed Taylor will soon launch her own TV channel that would showcase ‘everything Taylor’. 

And now, Swift has released a surprise duet with Zayn Malik, Don’t Wanna Live Forever for the upcoming 50 Shades of Darker. More surprising is that Swift sang for a film franchise that is slammed for its racy content, and is not suitable for her young fans. 

Swift posted the song video on Instagram, that features Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dorman getting intimate. One thing is clear: Taylor is a businesswoman. She is working on to climb higher ladders to dominate the world, whether it’s through her album songs or movie songs, or launching a TV channel to entertain her fans (and bore others) all day long. 

In case you haven’t yet heard the song check this below video Swift posted on Instagram. 


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