Alia Bhatt Drew Her Life 

In just four years, Alia Bhatt has conquered the audience with her innocence and child-like attitude. She is not a typical Bollywood actress – the one who plays a candy floss in the movies, or is always red carpet ready in gowns and dresses, makes news with her cat fights, or throw tantrums on the sets. Alia Bhatt is real. She is just like any of us but living her dream. 

She’s cute, witty, makes fun of herself, and is still grounded. 

For an interview with MissMalini, Bhatt drew her life – straight from the day she was born to losing weight for her filmy career to getting trolled for her poor IQ to acting with SRK. 

Check it out: 

So cute, Aloo. So cute. 

P.S How was she able to lose 16 kg in three months? I can’t even lose 3 in one! 


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