Gigi Hadid Mimicked MELANIA TRUMP At The AMAs And Now She Is At The Centre Of Criticism 

Gigi Hadid was the candy floss of the AMAs. The Victoria’s Secret model was chosen to host the show along with Jay Pharaoh, which was in itself eyebrow raising. Has Gigi ever hosted an event before? Can she even do it? 

Can a model do it? 

All eyes were on her, from the red carpet to the stage. The model came in wearing a  Roberto Cavalli white sheer lace dress, and conquered the top slot in the best dressed category. She then changed into a red Atelier Versace number to open the show. And that’s what is getting all the criticism. 

Hadid mimicked the soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump by putting on a fake accent and mocking her with a speech. There was silence and gasp from the crowd and many called it cringeworthy to touch. 

Here’s the video: 

It’s so cringe, and Gigi made a fool of herself. Wasn’t it supposed to be all about the music? 

Hadid looks too nervous to play her hosting duties and made blunders here and there. One of music’s best night suddenly became a losing battleground for Hadid. 

People online are calling her the worst host ever and questioning why she was even chosen for this job. Didn’t they audition her beforehand or just cast her because she has a massive number of Instagram followers? 

Some are warning the model to stick to just strutting her legs on the modelling field and never entering the acting/hosting arena ever. 

Her co-host, Jay Pharaoh, meanwhile stood in support of her and asked everybody to stay away from her. He posted this on Instagram: 

Melania Trump may have plagiarised her speech, but it’s unlikely she wrote it herself. Maybe her team did it? (Which I suppose now is fired) 

Just because Melania said an-already-said speech (for which I believe she’s herself embarrassed), should she receive so much hate, jokes, or insults? 

Isn’t she a human after all? 

And why the hell was she even drawn into an award show? 

Gigi Hadid has the answer. She posted a handwritten letter online describing how happy she was to work with some of the most respected writers in the business. 

Hadid doesn’t really apologise for her actions, and calls the new FLOTUS by her name. (Where is respect these days?) 

Hadid also reminds us that it was all done in the name of show business. Maybe the AMAs wanted to rake in some more TRP? Or wanted more and more people to watch the show? 

The show writers got it so wrong, the casting agents got it wrong too. Gigi Hadid – will she get another hosting deal afterwards? We will have to wait and watch. 

But for now, Gigi’s ruined. 


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