Mallika Sherawat TearGassed And Beaten Up In Paris

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat and her French partner Cyrille Auxenfans,45, were teargassed and beaten up by three masked men outside their apartment block. 

This is the second such attack on a celebrity in the French state. Reality star  Kim Kardashian West was gagged and robbed off in her Paris apartment on October 3. The items stolen are estimated to be worth several million dollars, which includes a $5 million ring gifted by her rapper husband Kanye West.  

Sherawat became known after featuring in the 2004 film Murder alongside Emraan Hashmi. She then acted in the Jackie Chan starrer The Myth (2005), and walked the Cannes red carpet the following year to promote it. In 2009, she featured in Hisss, a Hollywood film directed by Jennifer Lynch. 

She has also acted in another Hollywood film – Politics of Love, and did The Bachelorette India in 2013 to find herself a suitable match. 


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