Kendall Jenner Has Deleted Her Instagram Account 

Her family is known to be too social. Momager Kris used her daughter’s sex tape scandal as an opportunity to build an empire of money, fame, and lucrative deals. The Kardashian-Jenner clan have successfully carved a business out of posting and showing their cleavage pretty much everywhere – on the streets, red carpets, social events, social media, and even children parks. 

They are the biggest examples of entrepreneurs out of home. But now, one of them is stepping down. 

While the reality family is known for their social media addiction, Kendall Jenner has apparently gotten tired of it. She has deleted her Instagram account and is taking a break from the online world. It’s to be seen how long the break stretches. 

Kendall, who recently turned 21, has often described herself as a shy person, and also the most reserved member in her family. She has struggled being in public, and has had insecurities growing up. Since starting her modelling career,  she has been mocked, criticised and targeted for using her family ties to get into the industry. She gets modelling deals because she’s famous and has million of followers is another attack. 

And it seems like Jenner has had enough. A few weeks ago, she was criticised over a ballerina photoshoot. Jenner has repeatedly said she was only doing her job, but the hate didn’t stop. This could be the reason why she deleted her Instagram account that had more than 50 million followers. 

Kendall could be going the Kim way. Kim hasn’t been active on social media since that Paris robbery case, and is avoiding any kind of social interaction. Kim is keeping it low, and gets out of home only when it’s necessary. It’s been reported she’s taking therapy. The incident might have scared Kendall too, and maybe this is another reason she deleted Instagram. 

It would be hard to keep up with Kendall and Kim if they don’t return to share their daily selfies, makeup videos, and everything they are known to do. In the meantime, you can always look on Kylie’s page, who is soon replacing Kim as the poster face of the infamous family. 


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