Kendall Jenner’s Best Red Carpet Styles 

Back in 2007 when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first premiered, Kendall Jenner was a cute kid. In only a few years since then Jenner has now come on her own and has successfully created her own identity as one of world’s most sought after models. 

In 2013, Kendall’s modelling career hadn’t yet started and she was known more as Kim Kardashian’s sister and for being the Kris Jenner’s daughter romancing Harry Styles. Still at the American Music Awards the then 18-year-old managed to steal the limelight and a best-dressed spot. 

Next year she became fashion industry’s newest girl by starting a full-time modelling career, and by wearing eye-catching, mouth-dropping dresses on the red carpet. For an award show she wore this embroidered dress with double slits on both sides that was a big risk. 

Kendall made sure she stood out at the MetGala 2015 in a shimmering green dress with racy cutouts on the side. Though the dress choice didn’t win her any applause she still continued to be favourite amongst designers. 

This isn’t a high-brand outfit but a Topshop one, and Jenner still slayed it. 

Taking a break from long gowns, Kendall turned up the heat in a black number…and that bun which soon became the new trend. 

Can a jumpsuit win a red carpet? YESS. 

Jenner is smiling and looking beautiful at a Victoria’s Secret event. In 2015 she debuted her VS career, and it was her biggest dream come true. 

At the amfAR event in Cannes, Kendall was the main attraction in a purple flowy gown. 


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