Chrissy Teigen Had A Great Time Dressing Up Her Daughter For Halloween 

Chrissy Teigen is one of the most real celebrities out there. She is honest, lovable and a total fun person. While most celebrities were spending their time scouting for their Halloween outfits, Chrissy spent weeks dolling out on her daughter’s costumes. 

The first-time mother was so excited that she picked up not one but many cute outfits for Luna Stephens, her daughter with musician John Legend. 

Her first costume was that of a hotdog. Doesn’t she look adorable? 

Little Luna was then Minnie Mouse in a pink frock with matching accessories. 

And then a banana. 

She was then the Little Red Riding Hood. She looks so cute. 


Future model? 

Or a Hawaiian princess? 

Though my favourite is this: Luna as a peacock. 

You can't possibly think I only bought the hot dog

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So baby-sweet. 


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