Perrie Edwards Reveals Zayn Malik Dumped Her Via A Text Message 

In March last year Zayn Malik left One Direction to pursue a simpler life and live normally like a 22-year-old away from the madness of the glamour world. 

Soon he dumped his fiancé, Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards because ‘it didn’t work out’. There were accusations he dumped her through a text message and ended it all, but Zayn kept telling it wasn’t like that and he’d never end a four year long relationship with a text. 

But now, his ex, Perrie has opened her mouth and revealed the truth. In Little Mix’s new book the British born says 2015 was a hard year for her because Zayn dumped her with a text message. She credits her band members, family and friends for never leaving her alone and helping her come out of the situation. 

After reading her story her fans are outraged and mad at the former One Direction member. #PerrieExposedZaynParty is trending online, and many feel it’s good they aren’t together because Zayn has changed. 

Malik is now dating model Gigi Hadid since the past one year, while Perrie too has found another guy. 


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