People Are Linking Priyanka Chopra And Tom Hiddleston 

Forget about Hiddleswift. That is such an old story now. The new it couple is HiddleChops, Tom Hiddleston and Priyanka Chopra. 


Ever since they presented an award at the recent Emmys (and twirled and laughed), some people cannot ignore their chemistry. They have coined the term HiddleChops, already started writing how well they look together, and some are even asking directors to take note of this pair and cast them in a movie or somehow make Hiddleston guest star in Quantico. 

That is not all though. Some crazy people also want Taylor Swift to give her opinion on this pairing, and how she feels seeing her once-upon-a-time-boyfriend (even if it was all for publicity) with the woman of the moment. Is she jealous? Is she crying in a corner wrapped around her cats and crushing seeing how good (and real) HiddleChops look together? 

Media outlets have already reported that HiddleChops was an item at the Emmys. The pair shared great camaraderie and at one point Chopra adjusted Tom’s bow tie. Tom’s hand was around her waist, and they were flirting. They even exchanged their numbers and promised to stay in touch. 

The chemistry could be less of a romantic liaison and more of just a celebrity friendship, given their busy schedules. Chopra is currently shooting for the second season of Quantico, then plans to return to India in December and take on some Bollywood offers here. 

Whether they are secretly exchanging late night messages, or reading movie scripts together, one thing is sure: the HiddleChops moment at the Emmys twirling and smiling isn’t dying anytime soon. 


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