Brangelina Split: The End Of A Love Story

For twelve years they were everything – the world’s favourite couple, ideal husband and wife, and an epitome of love, compassion and generosity. I grew up watching their romance blossom and family grow. They made me, and everybody else, believe in fairytale romance where a man, tall, handsome and kind, falls in love with a woman with a little kid, and a dark troubled past. He rescues her from the madness, and becomes a part of her adventures. Together they live, love, laugh, and create a world of their own. 

In a course of twelve years they build a family of eight, and a relationship everyone desires. They are adored, admired, and worshipped, and people pray they last forever. 

In 2014, at the insistence of their kids, they marry. Angelina wears a veil decorated by their children’s artworks. The kids act as ring-bearers, and the wedding takes place only in the presence of the family. It was all perfect. 

But on September 15, Jolie filed for divorce – from the man who was the definition of an ideal husband and father. He had been by her side in thick and thin, so what went wrong? It’s been reported that Brad had a drinking addiction, and often got violent with the kids. Just a day before the divorce filing he got abusive and physically violent on the kids on a private plane. Angelina has long been fed up of Brad’s anger issues and parenting methods, but this time it went out of hands. 

Other reports conflict the couple began drifting apart after Jolie’s mastectomy. She went through double mastectomy in 2013 after being detected with breast cancer carrying genes. Her breasts were removed, and yes, it was scary, painful and very heartbreaking, but Brad never left her side. He stood by her and with her like a rock in the darkest hour, made her feel no less than a woman. He consoled her, loved her, and gave her the strength she needed. In no time she rose again and  began going out. 

In 2014, Angelina went for another surgery- that required the removal of her ovaries. It resulted in early menopause, and loss of sex appetite. It is being reported by several media outlets that the couple began drifting apart post the surgeries. Brad would frequently drink, take drugs, and get angry whenever the kids screamed or made any noises. He felt alone and lost while she immersed  herself in taking care of her health, children, and doing humanitarian work. 

The couple spent several months together working on the film By The Sea, which was directed by Jolie. The film released late last year and that was probably the only time they spent any quality time with each other. After the film release Angelina diverted her attention to their six children, and UN assignments, while Brad took on more film roles that kept him away from his family. His absence was filled by Angie’s brother and best friend, James Haven. He is often spotted with them, and reports say that the younger kids even call him daddy

Though the exact reason is still unconfirmed, Brad is desperate to make the relationship work, especially for the kids. He is said to be begging the actress for another chance. But given the gravity of the situation the reconciliation seems unlikely. 

The only thing we know now is that one of the most famous love stories of all time is dead. Dead with it is our belief in fairytales and eternal romance. 


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