Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston: OVER?!?!

Flashback to June, and Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were everywhere. They were the camera-ready new (fake?) couple. They romanced in full swing – smooching on the rocks, going on dates, holding hands in public, jet setting to the UK, and then back to USA, and then Europe, Australia, and everywhere. They celebrated Fourth of July with her countless famous friends, enjoying water rides and splashing their love in photos. But now, it seems the love is washed over. Hiddleswift is nowhere – no more visible in cafés, restaurants, or vacations. They’re not attending any concerts, nor have they walked hand in hand on the streets in weeks. 

So, have they split? Maybe, ’cause Taylor’s affairs last shorter than a season. And she is a dominating, high-maintenance, attention-seeking long-legged diva, as they say. 

But the fakeness of the affair is the BIGGEST reason. Story has it that the Hiddleswift romance was the work of their respective PR teams. Taylor had just split from Calvin Harris on a bad note, and before he could spill any poison or badmouth about her, her team decided to do a big campaign to make Taylor Swift relevant again. (And also show Calvin that Taylor isn’t crying a river over him, and can land herself anyone…in no time.) 

Hiddleston jumped in to collaborate with Swift to rake in some worldwide publicity, boost his career, make contacts with Hollywood big names, and draw more crowd. Has he succeeded? Kind of. People are now checking his social media accounts in hope of finding a Taylor Swift photo, magazines are queuing up to interview him and ask him questions related to Taylor Swift, fans are writing fictional Hiddleswift stories, and they are both thought of becoming the next James Bond and Bond Girl. 

Taylor and Tom played their cards well. Tom is more paparazzi followed than before. Taylor succeeded being in news in her no-album phase, and getting more inspiration for her new songs. Plus, they toured ’round the globe. 

Hiddleswift was never real: it was staged. The couple kept feeding the photographers their love-struck photos, chose window seats in cafés and restaurants and posed all lovey-dovey for the paparazzi outside, went out with their families to the public places, had a Instagram filled Fourth of July, and soon it all ended, only to be repeated after a short break with a new famous man. 


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