Jaden Smith’s Fashion Style Is Outrageous, But We Should Let Him Live His Life

He might be Will Smith’s son, but he is far cry from his father’s persona. The youngster has got his own lifestyle, career, well-known people as friends, and a very distinguished fashion style. Jaden Smith doesn’t like limiting himself only to menswear. He can shop at the women’s section, dress himself up in girl clothing, go on to the streets in a long pleated skirt, grow his hair long and tie them in braids, and walk the red carpets in what-is-this? type clothing. 

Actually, Smith doesn’t care of anyone’s reactions. He doesn’t worry about the criticism and hate reviews thrown at him. He simply leads his life, wearing what he likes, studying what he wants to read and learn, and doing what he really wants to do. He and his younger sister are raised to be independent, responsible, and most importantly become themselves and not an imitation of others. Jaden Smith believes in fashion fluidity which means a person should be allowed to wear anything irrespective of his/her gender. Boys can wear skirts, girls can wear suits. Men can have long braided hair, women can have pixie cuts. He believes in equality. 

While the ideas and thoughts of the 18-year-old look and are modern and thought provoking, are we ready for such a change? Are we ready to see and accept a man in a skirt? Perhaps no. And that is why Jaden Smith is so criticised over his fashion choices. At the VMAs he came wearing what we call: what is that? His hair was tied high on his head, and he wore a complete confused look. Fashion critics and audiences alike put him in the worst dressed list and well, I have the same feeling. 

But then, Jaden is Jaden. The guy knows how hard it is for us to digest his ideas. The guy knows how to survive the critical abuse over a piece of clothing. He has been in the spotlight his entire life. But does he care? No. He has, by now, mastered it all. He doesn’t care what you and I think of his dressing style. He just wants to enjoy his life and we must let him do that. 


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