All The Reasons Taylor Swift Might Not Attend The VMAS 

Taylor Swift is going through a bad, bitchy, Twitter-hate phase. The world famous singer-songwriter has been accused of playing her love life in full media glare, hiring fake boyfriend to attract attention and remain in news, manipulating Kanye West, and portraying herself as a victim always. Ever since Kim Kardashian exposed her lies to the world, Swift has been mostly indoors. She hasn’t been seen with new beau Tom Hiddleston in weeks making us wonder if they have already split. 

Her professional life is attacked too. The Twitter world has been celebrating her downfall since weeks, many are sending her hate messages and snake emojis. Her rivals and all those who have a bad blood with her are picking at her. VMAs has kind of sidelined with Kanye West and Calvin Harris, and haven’t nominated Swift, who was a multiple time winner last year, this year. With so many disses, personal attacks and controversies surrounding her, it’s unlikely we’d see her attend this award show. Check out all the reasons below. 

Kanye West first shook her in the year 2009, and now years later, he did it again, only this time he ain’t the culprit. After her lies and game plan exposed, there’s little hope she’d ever cross lines with him, his wife, or any of their family members. And maybe Beyoncé and Jay Z who are family to Kanye. 

They had a beautiful relationship until they both collaborated on This Is What You Came For. The former couple split up two months after celebrating their first anniversary. Two weeks later, Swift was smooching Tom Hiddleston publicly outside her house in Rhode Island. Harris unfollowed her, her friends, younger brother Austin, and her fan groups on Twitter and Instagram. Reason? Obviously, they had a dirty breakup. Later, Harris accused her of ‘trying to bury him like Katy Perry’, and taking credit for his work. 

Taylor and Tom Hiddleston’s romance was fake. They hooked up right after she broke up with Calvin Harris, stayed together for three weeks, and now are completely nowhere. Where are they now? 

Swift is an easy target for disses. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber are all lined up. 

There are several reports that the famous squad is falling apart because of Taylor’s diva type behaviour. The other girls think Taylor is dominating, fake, and egoistic. Maybe the burn book is gonna get exposed soon. 

This is the main reason: Swift is NOT nominated in any category. She is used to going to award shows and pick up big awards, but this time around Kanye’s Famous is more famous than her Wildest Dreams. 


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