Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Is Better Than Ours

In the non-filmy celebratory world of us, birthdays are just a day better than other days. The number of people wishing us at sharp midnight is even lesser than our population of fingers, and if you are a grown up, then forget birthday presents. Nobody wants to spend their hard earned money on buying you a handbag or a pair of really cool sunglasses. At most the only things you’d get would be: a rose flower – bouquets are a little expensive – sorry, a teddy bear, coffee mug, or just a birthday card. Birthday cards are cute – I love them – but still. An exotic vacation, fireworks, a custom made three-tier cake, and a lot of wishes and gifts is still what we all desire deep inside. 

As I am writing this post, a famous young girl named Kylie Jenner is blowing her birthday candles. She just turned 19 in front of an army of friends and family members – all pampering her with expensive gifts – some that won’t even fit in a box. She is on her birthday getaway with best friends and a boyfriend who gifted her a brand new car. 

Kylie is the youngest of five sisters – all of them millionaires. Her mother is the biggest momager in the world, and she herself is a wealthy teenager. So what do you gift such a person – famous, wealthy, social media queen, and a successful young entrepreneur? 

Branded handbags, a convertible Ferrari, high-end cosmetic products, an exotic trip to an island, a puppy, custom made designer dresses, and basically, anything high on the pocket. Even gifting a bouquet is tricky: you gotta pick the priciest one. The 19-year-old’s Instagram is a proof of a fantasy life. You can literally live an amazing life by just sitting at home, all decked up with makeup and nice layers of clothing (and sometimes even clothes aren’t required), and posting your bathroom, bedroom, living room pictures online. 

Jenner and other little girls make me jealous. Make me envy their lives, their pricey possessions, and their grand parties. Her birthday isn’t celebrated at home with four people around, or at a decent restaurant with two friends, but on an island with famous models and a rapper boyfriend. She’d probably have another party in California with her family later. 

Her birthday pictures shame mine. Very. Badly. Unlike my childhood and teenage years when I actually received presents and threw parties, now the scenario has totally changed. Birthday is just another day. Some midnight wishes, a few messages and calls, and parents getting me a cake – vanilla and pineapple with cherry toppings is their favourite. Forget beautifully-wrapped-gift boxes because blessings are more important. Forget hiring a private yacht because hey, we ain’t King Kylie. 

Not just birthday, but actually her entire lifestyle is different than ours. Except that she loves ramen noodles? But, whatever, I’m glad she is having a gala time, because the little girl really works hard. 


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