Sorry Taylor, But Justin Bieber Is On Team Kanye

In the midst of Taylor-Kanye war, celebrities are taking their sides. Some are on the Taylor Squad, others are joining Yeezy. But whose team is in Justin Bieber? 


It comes without any surprise or shock, for there has long been tension between Bieber and Taylor Swift. Bieber and Swift used to be friends until he started cheating on his then girlfriend, Selena Gomez, who happens to be Swift’s BFF. It was reported multiple times that Taylor didn’t want Selena to continue dating Justin. This led to a lot of tension, with media outlets suggesting the best friends were not on talking terms. 

Justin believes Taylor to be one of those people who’s constantly trying to keep Selena away from him. He and Selena have hinted many times they still want each other, but Selena fears another heartbreak would ruin her soul, and Taylor doesn’t want her to go through another disastrous relationship and instead advises her to focus on her career. 

Now that JB has joined hands with Kanye – he already is friends with the Kardashian-Jenner family- we could see more instances of him shading the Wildest Dreams singer. And, another round of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? Umm, let their stars decide. 


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