What We Learn From Kimye’s New Interview 

Kim Kardashian and her rapper husband Kanye West are both fame hookers. Individually or as a couple, they both know how to stay in limelight. Kim is the queen of nudity and near-nakedness, synonymous with skin-tight dresses, and that curvy figure. Her Instagram is filled with her selfies, belfies, pouts, and her body. 

Kanye, on the other hand, is the man of controversy. According to him, he is the best artist in the world, and Beyonce rules the world and music videos. He rants, spits fire and openly supports Bill Cosby. And no, he ain’t a Taylor Swift fan.  

Together they make news. They rule gossips. And in their latest interview the couple gave too many details. Like.. 


A lot of husbands have problems with their wives showing even a little cleavage, but Kanye? No. The rapper has no problems with his wifey doing nude or nearly naked photo shoots, or posting nude pics on social media. He loves her body and nudity. He is proud of her curves and wants her to show it all off. 

“To not show it would be like Adele not singing”, he says. 


In his single life, West used to send dick pics. A lot of them. A lot of rock n roll. 


Last time Kim posted a completely nude photo, but with censors, there was a lot of backlash. Celebrities weighed in, some calling it indecent and undignified for a mother of two to post something like this, others calling it cheap and porn. Piers Morgan offered to buy her some clothes, while Chloe Grace Moretz called her a bad example for youngsters. But some stood up in her support like her famous sisters and model and actress Emily Ratajwoski. 

But why does Kim put up such photos online? Is there any message behind them? No. Never. She puts up these photos because she likes them and they are somehow empowering to her. 

TALKING ABOUT HER INSECURITIES Kim says she is insecure about her weight and gets crazy when someone points out she’s fat. She workout, follow diets to tone down her body. 

KANYE WAS REALLY IN DEBT – The rapper tells us that he indeed was in debt and once he wrote about it on Twitter he was all light. 

KIM LOVES HER UPPER STOMACH AREA. Yes, that’s her favourite body part. [Mine is my eyes, just saying.] 

KANYE’s FAVOURITE TAYLOR SWIFT SONG IS? Nothing. He has no Taylor Swift favourite song. After all the ugly drama there’s little hope Kanye or Kim would ever listen to her voice unless the song is about them. 

KIM USED TO BE A TAYLOR’s FAN. Used to be. Now? A big NO. It was apparently Kim who pursued her husband to mend ties with Taylor, but after Taylor pulled a Regina George, there’s never going to be another Kimye-Taylor friendship story. They are never ever getting back together. 


Well, why not? She’s got money. And SHE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVES HER HUSBAND. 


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