Ariana Grande Or Selena Gomez: Whose Haircut Is Better? 

Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez have a lot in common. They both found fame on Disney Channel shows. They both are cancerians, and now they have another thing in common. 


Yes, Ariana and Selena got their new haircuts recently. 

Ariana Grande, who has been donning the same hairstyle – a high ponytail, finally changed her look. The petite singer and actress decided to opt for fringes, that make her look more younger (she just turned 23!!). 

Look at her pic below. 

Even though the length of the hair still looks same and untouched, the style nevertheless looks beautiful on her. 

Selena Gomez too opted for bangs. But unlike Ariana, Selena got herself a distressed lob with shaggy bangs. The 24-year-old Good For You singer made a few more changes like the hair length and colour choice. 

Both Ariana’s and Selena’s new look is pretty and apt for the season, but which one is better? Whose haircut do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below. Xoxo. 


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