Taylor Swift Is Dead, Kim K Is A Hero

Kim Kardashian might be the woman who bares it all for money, or the woman who is famous for being famous and infamous. But today she is a lot more. She is more than her breasts and butt. More than a Kardashian. More than an irritating cleavage-showing wife of Kanye West. 

She is the woman who exposed the real Taylor Swift. She is the one who proved to us that Taylor Swift is a big liar. That the goody-good Swift is manipulative, and finds the thought of herself and Kanye having sex as a compliment. 

Swift is hungry for fame, we knew that. But to what extent, we now know. Swift’s attempts to tarnish Kanye West’s image and call Kim K as a wife under pressure has backfired on her heavily. People are seeing it as her downfall. Her enemies and all those people who were fed up with her are celebrating the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty. The trust is broken and no explanation from Taylor’s camp can fix the scenario. 

Today the world is thankful to Kim K for existing, and for exposing the biggest lie. Taylor Swift is ruined. Her goody-good image is at stake. Snake emoji is trending. #TeamKim is stronger than #TeamTaylor. Taylor’s squad members don’t know what to say – some are getting death threats for saying too much (like Taylor’s BFF Abigail Anderson), Selena Gomez is slammed for keeping quiet on ‘issues that really matter’, and her model friends are keeping a distance. Taylor’s squad contains models like Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Martha Hunt, amongst others. Gigi and Cara are good friends with Kendall Jenner, who happens to be Kim’s sister and Kanye’s sis-in-law. They definitely wouldn’t want to mess things up with their good friend. Plus, Kanye has a fashion line too, which regularly teams up with models and artists for promotions and runways. Who wants to ruin their career because of this drama? 

Today suddenly Kim K is better than Taylor Swift. The queen of nakedness is a hero, and everyone’s best friend is a loser. Taylor’s legal team is threatening everyone who opens their mouth against the artist. Taylor Swift’s hard earned image and reputation has been attacked. 

This is not the first time Kim K has broken the Internet. She has captivated the social media with her body, selfies and butt-pics, but this time she didn’t strip. She didn’t pose in front of her bathroom mirror. She didn’t walk on the red carpet in a nearly naked dress, nor did she get any more surgery. She just posted some snapchat videos and stripped someone off her lies. 

Taylor Swift is destroyed. People are celebrating her downfall. Some are even celebrating her death. Many are posting snake emojis on her social media accounts. Her rivals are partying. For many their role model is dead. 

I love Kim. I’m a fan. That woman is unapologetically real. She talks about her surgeries, her bad pregnancy days, her makeup tricks, etc. She reveals everything in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She is outspoken, but not fake. She needs no one to stand up for her, she can fight for herself. She is an example of: Mess with me and I am fine, but mess with my husband and you are destroyed. 


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