End Of Taylor Swift And Her Good Image 

Taylor Swift is a lot of things: a successful singer-songwriter, ten-times Grammy winner, the only woman to win the Grammy Album of The Year Award twice, and one of the most recognised celebrities in the world. 

But she is also a lot more than these. Swift is: the paparazzi queen, always hungry for media coverage. She is known for her highly scrutinised dating life, writing songs about her many exes, playing the victim in every relationship, and yet being the most innocent, good girl. 

It is her marketing strategy and her team’s efforts that has made her a globally loved artist. Her concert tickets sell out in minutes, albums become several times platinum, and fans become her friends and family. She crashes her fans’ weddings, meet them in hospitals, and even invite them home for a secret session. 

But today, her wholesome status is at stake. Twitter is already celebrating #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty and her downfall. Many fans are now confused if Taylor Swift is even real

The reasons for all this Taylor drama are: her so-called fake romance with actor Tom Hiddleston, feud with (latest) ex Calvin Harris, and a major feud with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian. 

Swift is alleged to have cheated on Calvin Harris with the Thor actor. It is also believed that Swift and Hiddleston are faking a relationship. They are globe-trotting hand-in-hand in her private jet and looking totally cool for the media. They aren’t bothered about the paparazzi, media, or the people critiquing their every move. They are ready for it – because they are totally staged. 

Her recent ex, Calvin Harris, has slammed her for “trying to bury him like Katy Perry”. In a Twitter rant last week, the Scottish DJ and Producer criticised the American singer-songwriter for tarnishing his image and portraying him in bad light. [Flashback: Swift penned Calvin’s song This Is What You Came For under a pseudonym and wanted it to be a secret. But now after their split, her camp has leaked the secret, and Harris isn’t cool with it. You should have known who you were dating, Calvin.] 

Previously, he had alleged that she controlled media and he grew sick of it. Now we feel Swift signed some sort of a deal with Tom Hiddleston to be seen with her. 

The Taylor drama wasn’t over yet and Kim Kardashian added major fuel into it. The reality star and wife of Taylor’s enemy or frenemy Kanye West has released explosive footage of Kanye and Taylor talking about that Famous song. In the video Kanye talks politely with Swift and tells her of the line : “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex”. Surprisingly, Taylor isn’t baffled with it and calls it a compliment. She gives Kanye the freedom to go with the lines he thinks are best. 

In early February when the rapper released the audio of the song Taylor and her team criticised him for including such misogynist lyrics. Swift indirectly slammed him in her Grammy speech. Everybody believed her when she said she knew nothing about this song. We all bashed the rapper instead. 

When his wife Kim Kardashian West revealed in an interview last month that Kanye and Taylor had a talk about it and Taylor gave it her nod, we all still doubted it. But now the reality star has proved it all right – that Taylor Swift is a liar. 

Kim released a few footage of the Kanye-Taylor conversation that has proved Kanye innocent and made Taylor the most manipulative person. Taylor is now the most cunning, fame-wanting, and manipulative celebrity. She thanks Kanye for the flowers he sent her because it garnered over 2.7 million hits on Instagram. While Kanye sounds like a good friend in the video, Taylor comes across as a opportunist, and hungry for gossip headlines. 

For years she has played her victim card. Her relationships have never worked out because she wants a full-on public romance. She wants her dating life to be on every gossip column. She portrays her exes as the bad boys in her songs and herself as the good girl to gain sympathy. 

Maybe she is real, she really is a victim. She has a broken-into-pieces kind of life. Maybe she falls in love with every guy she meets and they all turn out to be bad to her. 


But there’s no denying after the leaked videos that she is a liar. That Kanye West is not so Kanye after all. He is polite and generous to those he considers close. That Taylor knows how to create drama or manipulate things. 

Kim K is known for baring it all, but today she is hailed for burying the Taylor Swift. Today her anti-squad members are dancing in happiness. Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, and her other exes, and all those she has a rift with are enjoying the drama and celebrating her downfall. She has locked herself away from the glaring eyes and thinking of a clever way to get back on her toes. 

At this point though, now that her lies are exposed, she should publicly apologise to the rapper and his wife. There is no point in throwing shades at them or pursuing a legal action against them. She needs to think of ways to maintain her fans and reconstruct her image. 

But it’s going to take time. In the meantime she should take a public break, spend time with herself away from the public eyes, and give us some time to forget the bad Taylor. 


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