It Is Nobody’s Business What Ariel Winter Wore To Her Graduation Ceremony 

Ariel Winter recently made news with her  high school graduation – actually more for the dress she chose to wear to the ceremony. The Modern Family star wore a tight fitted blush coloured dress with a thigh high slit. 

Look at the picture below. 

As Ariel celebrated her landmark moment, some people very keen to take the focus somewhere else: on her dress. Some trolled the young actress for wearing such a revealing and glamorous dress to a school event. 

Not just that but Ariel’s graduation-party outfit too received some unwanted attention. Some said her b**bs were everywhere, while many of her fans were supportive of her and congratulated her for graduating high school. 

Winter is 18, highly successful, and just a beautiful person in and out. She is also soon to start classes at UCLA.  Now, how many people get admission in such a big university? Not everyone!! 

Winter has every right to wear what she wants to – she can wear a bikini, a crop top, a gown, just anything. It’s her choice. Who are we to dictate a person? 

The only thing we should do when we don’t like someone’s Instagram post is MOVE ON. You don’t have to store it in your head for hours or thrash the person with your hate messages. Spread positivity, love and happiness, and you’d get the same in return. 

Peace. Love. 


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