Has Kanye West Lost His Mind Or Is He Being Just Kanye? 

Kanye West has done it again. He.Just.Created.Another.Major.Controversy. 

Just like many previous times, the rude and antic-creating rapper has taken a dig at other famous people – only this time he doesn’t snatch mic from their hands and ruin their acceptance speeches. The father of two has actually gone too far this time. 

Earlier this year he released his new single Famous. The song became the talk of the world – not because it was a Kanye song – but because it explicitly took digs at Taylor Swift. The rapper calls her ‘the woman he made famous’, and talks of a possible sexual relationship between them. 

And now, the artist has gone way too far with the song’s video. West released the video in front of a 8000+ crowd last week, shocking everyone. The video features many famous people, their doppelgängers, or a work of Photoshop,  (all naked!) in bed with the man himself – Kanye West! The ‘famous’ include Taylor Swift!!! – the one who will never ever befriend him again, nor support his future presidential run, Kim Kardashian – his better half with a better butt, Chris Brown – who praised the video on Twitter, Rihanna – who is more famous for her sheer and body revealing outfits, Caitlyn Jenner – the most famous transgender, Bill Cosby – the famous rapist declared innocent by Kanye West, Amber Rose – more famous for being Kanye’s ex, Vogue Editor Anna Wintour and Ray J – the man who kinda made Kim Kardashian famous with a sex tape. 

Apart from these named celebrities, the aging rapper has also used lookalikes of former President of the U.S.A George W. Bush and current Presidential runner Donald Trump

With such a distasteful music video the rapper has just lost all respect and is turning many people against himself and his music. It is reported that many depicted in the video are furious with West and considering taking legal action. 

There needs to be someone to tell and teach West about good music, good ethics, and humanely behaviour. He needs to be taught the difference between good music and crass music. 

Maybe his S.O. Kim Kardashian can do the honour? Only if she isn’t seeking publicity for herself from this or trying to make herself a little more richer from being Kanye’s better half. 


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