There’s definitely some bad blood between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris 

By now you all know that Taylor Swift and  Calvin Harris have split up, and that Swift has moved on to another man – Tom Hiddleston – in just two weeks. 

Despite claims from both Taylor’s and Calvin’s sides that there was no third party involved, and they have only respect for each other, it still seems a little made-up-story to cover up the actual reason of the split. 

Just recently Swift and Harris deleted all the references and photos of each other from their respective social media accounts. Harris went a little further and deleted the tweet that revealed their breakup. He also unfollowed many Swifties from his account. But most shocking? He unfollowed Taylor’s brother, Austin Swift. 

Calvin had been getting well with Taylor’s family and often hung out with her brother. Hence its quite a shock that he has deleted everything related to Taylor from his life. 

Maybe it wasn’t really a happy ending? Or maybe Taylor began seeing Tom Hiddleston while still in a relationship with Harris? Whatever the reason is, one thing is clear: There’s definitely some bad blood between the two ex-lovers and we might hear about this in their new songs. 


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