Hot Topic Of The Day : Priyanka Chopra’s Armpit!

Usually celebrities get talked about their red carpet looks, movies or songs, their dating life, or chopping off their hair. But today the talk of the town is Priyanka Chopra’s underarm. What, really? 


Chopra shot for the latest Maxim India (see the cover below) in which she has been branded as the hottest woman in the world. But that has been overshadowed by some strange reason. 

Many people on the Internet have voiced that the actress doesn’t have any creases in her armpit area and the picture is in fact smoothened by Photoshop. 

The actress hasn’t replied back to the criticism nor has the magazine staff. 

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has faced criticism over the use of Photoshop, but still photo editors use the software to lighten, brighten, and make the celebs more appealing. While many celebs keep silent and stick with their photoshopped pictures some have voiced their opinions. 

Kate Winslet is one actress who doesn’t let her pictures be touched. Meghan Trainor recently slammed a magazine for slimming down her waist. Celebrities like them give people inspiration to be comfortable in their skin. 

It would be interesting to see PC’s reaction to this. 


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