Shake It Off! How Taylor Swift Can Heal Her Broken Heart

A breakup is never easy, and when it is a celebrity breakup it gets more and more murkier. After a string of short romances Taylor Swift found her Prince Charming in Calvin Harris. She gushed about him, thanked him in her acceptance speeches, holidayed with him, and even thought of him as her future husband. But nothing lasts forever. Swift and Harris called it quits later last month and she is said to be very upset. Maybe she can take a look at these tips and bounce back? 

When Taylor Swift breaks up with a guy she doesn’t just cry and lock herself in her bathroom. Instead she writes songs that become smashing chartbusters. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble are only two of them. 

Taylor is a cat lady. Maybe she should spend more time with her feline girls Meredith and Olivia, forget about the world and all the stories written about her love life. 

New York City is a great city to live in. But it is also the place no celebrity gets unnoticed. Taylor Swift moved to the city in early 2014. She was seen modelling her long pins on the streets and at the parks. Each day there was a new Taylor Swift story – even if it was grocery shopping! Taylor should spend some quality time in Nashville with her family or at her summer home in Rhodes Island which is perfect for a hideaway. 

When do we need our friends the most? When we are going through pain and cries. Maybe Taylor should have a big squad sleepover party at her place – friends, pizza, drinks, popcorn, and a comedy movie can lift up anyone’s mood. 

YES, spend more time with your family. 

Swift loves baking. Instead of sobbing for the-man-who-broke-her-heart she can bake. (Just don’t include the heart.) 

Sorry, Taylor, but we just did not like your platinum blonde bleachella hair. This is also one of the reasons the Internet thinks is behind the Taylor Swift-Calvin Harris split.

Grab your passport, hop on your private jet and go to a place you have never been to. Explore life, explore yourself and find out what you really want in your life. Spend more time with yourself away from the crazy workload and spotlight. 


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